Keep toxic payment data out of your systems.

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Online payments give customers the convenience of making a payment or purchase anytime. Reduce the risks and costs of accepting online payments by keeping sensitive payment data out of your environment.

By completely removing credit card data from the merchant’s environment, the TC Trustee products empower you to proactively address PCI DSS compliance and security.

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Easy To Set Up, TC Trustee® E-Commerce Solutions

Transparent redirect or hosted payment page. The choice is yours!

Our e-commerce solutions leverage the dependability, security, and performance of the TrustCommerce payment acceptance platform and are integrated into the TC Vault® robust reporting.

Ways To Integrate Online Payments

Both methods support automated recurring billing.

TC Trustee® API is a fully integrated web-based payment application that seamlessly integrates into the checkout process of a shopping cart, donation page, or other payment page. Your customer’s sensitive payment data is sent directly to our secure payment processing platform, without ever passing through your environment. Additionally, the transaction is seamless, with full branding capabilities because your customer never sees a TrustCommerce web site. Everything takes place behind the scenes, transparent to your customer. By removing credit card data from your environment, TC Trustee API empowers merchants to proactively address PCI DSS compliance and security.

The TC Trustee® Host is a hosted payment application offering a secure environment in which to collect sensitive cardholder data outside a merchant’s own network environment. With TC Trustee Host, your customer is redirected to a TC hosted payment page where they enter their sensitive payment data. The hosted page offers basic customization to match your website. Once payment is completed, your customer will be redirected to your website.

If you sell subscriptions via your online store or allow customers to make monthly or installment payments, consider using TC Citadel® in combination with our e-commerce offerings. TC Citadel lets you safely and securely process recurring payments without the need to store cardholder payment information. Merchants exchange credit card numbers, ACH information, or other customer privacy data elements for TrustCommerce issued Billing IDs (token). Enabling recurring billing speeds up the payment process, offering customers greater convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get started?

A: To begin, you will need a merchant account. A merchant account is a type of bank account that lets you accept payments, typically debit or credit cards. By design and unique to the industry, TrustCommerce solutions are bank-neutral to allow our clients the flexibility to use the bank of their choice as well as to maximize bank portability. We are happy to recommend one of our banking partners, if you need to obtain a merchant account.

Q: What if you are not integrated to the shopping cart we use?

A: TrustCommerce is integrated with popular shopping carts. If you don’t see your cart listed on our site, call to speak with a Solutions Consultant. If we aren’t integrated, it’s easy to do.

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