Why Do I Need EMV? And When?

Payment card fraud is a big issue in the U.S. How big? The U.S. accounted for 51% of global payment card fraud costs in 2013, according to BI Intelligence. Further, the cost of U.S. payment card fraud grew by 29% to $7.1 billion. The hope is that EMV adoption will help turn these numbers around.

What Are the Benefits of Merchants Adopting EMV?

The primary benefit of Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) technology is the reduction in card fraud resulting from counterfeit, lost, and stolen cards.

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Get Ready for EMV

Are you ramping up your knowledge of EMV in advance of the Liability Shift this fall? If so, you are not alone. A recent report shows one-third of smaller merchants are unaware of chip cards.[1]
In this article, we’ll help you on your journey by covering the basics of EMV, what the Liability Shift means to your organization, and more.

TrustCommerce Welcomes New Partner, Triptiva

Triptiva reservation and management software will leverage the TrustCommerce® payment engine.

IRVINE, California, March 12, 2015 — TrustCommerce®, a leading provider of secure payment solutions, welcomes new partner, Triptiva. With this partnership, Triptiva clients will be able to leverage TrustCommerce secure payment solutions to process cards through the Triptiva software both in person and online.