Tip Tuesday: How to Set Up an Installment Payment

In the third part of our TC Citadel® series, you will learn how to set up an installment payment cycle. Installment payments, like recurring payments, allow you to automatically deduct payments from a customer’s credit card or checking account. However, installments allow you to accept a payment towards a portion of a larger invoice. This is great for Healthcare, Insurance, or any organization that does invoicing.  You can set up an installment payment within the TC Vault® or via TC Link® API. This article’s example will use the TC Vault.

handheld emv secure payment

To EMV or Not To EMV

By now you have likely heard about the October 1, 2015 EMV Liability Shift. Simply put, the Liability Shift means that the liability for fraudulent cards falls on the party who is the least EMV compliant. For example, if you process a chip credit card using a swipe-only terminal, you may be liable for the fraud. If the card holder does not have a chip card, the merchant would not be responsible as the liability would fall on the card issuer. You can learn about different scenarios here: Liability Shift.

TrustCommerce and Ingenico Group Partner to Offer EMV Capable POS Devices

The Ingenico Telium series of smart terminals come standard with advanced security features to support merchants’ EMV and payment security initiatives.

IRVINE, California, September 16, 2015 — TrustCommerce®, the leading provider of Secure Payment Solutions, is pleased to announce that we have selected POS smart terminal maker Ingenico Group as an equipment provider to support EMV® for our merchants.

Tip Tuesday: How to Set Up a Recurring Payment

In today’s Tip Tuesday, part two of our TC Citadel series, we will go over setting up recurring payments. Recurring payments are a great benefit to many organizations that provide a subscription service such as: Web Hosting, Magazines, Non-Profit Payment Solutions, and so forth. TC Citadel’s recurring payments make it easy for an organization to set up a subscription type payment that will automatically deduct the funds from a customer’s credit card or checking account. This can be done within the TC Vault® or via our API, TC Link®. Here, you’ll learn how to configure a recurring payment within the TC Vault.

4 Misconceptions about EMV

EMV chip card technology is rolling out in the U.S. with the October fraud liability shift rapidly approaching. There are many misconceptions about EMV as information surrounding the technology swirls. As you work towards supporting EMV, it is helpful to understand what EMV is and what it is not.