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Sphere, Powered by TrustCommerce® fraud defense solutions allow merchants to be proactive about fraud risk, greatly reducing cost. Online or at the point of sale, prevent fraud with ease.

Choose from standard or advanced fraud screening tools depending on your business needs.

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EMV – Protect Your Business Against Card Present Fraud

Let TC IPA® simplify your EMV efforts.

emv chip security

EMV® chip technology is a global fraud reduction standard for credit and debit payment cards. It helps businesses reduce their risk and liability of in person fraud. Become EMV-Compliant – Start Now

TC IPA is TrustCommerce’s EMV solution. It reduces barriers to EMV and addresses ongoing PCI DSS compliance requirements by providing a single cloud based application for integrating any payment system across an organization.

Fraud Prevention

Take a proactive approach to prevent fraud.

Identify your biggest threats. Set rules to detect these card attributes.
Features include:

  • AVS (Address Verification System)
  • CSC (Card Security Code verification)/CVV (Card Verification Value)
  • White/black listing, and
  • Velocity controls

These proven tools can filter out substantial amounts of potential fraud.

For those requiring a stronger solution, TC CrediGuard is a fraud detection and scoring software application that lets you customize system settings to reduce the occurrence of payment card fraud. You can set and maintain rules for managing velocity limits. The controls can be set on Global Velocity checks, Zip Code Velocity checks, IP Address Velocity checks, or Credit Card Velocity checks by both count and dollars. In addition, set Blacklist rules for these attributes: Name, Address, State, Zip, Country, Phone, Email, IP Address, Credit Card number, and ACH account.

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