Use TC Safe® PCI Validated P2PE to Protect Cardholder Data and Diminish PCI Scope

PCI Validated Point-to-Point Encryption (VP2PE) is a critical technology used to protect credit card data from being breached.

In the blink of any eye, customer payment data travels from the swipe or dip, to the processor, the issuing bank and to your merchant account. If unencrypted, it is an easy target for cybercriminals. Don’t put your customers’ private data at risk. Use TC Safe® – PCI Validated Point-to-Point Encryption (VP2PE) to ensure payment card data is never in the clear.

Here’s how it works:

  • Data is encrypted at the device, no clear-text in POS— swiped, dipped and hand keyed transactions.
  • Encryption takes place at the point of interaction, whether mobile, storefront or back office.
  • Devices are tamper resistant to mitigate skimming.
  • Merchant does not have keys to decrypt the data.

Achieve and Remain PCI DSS Compliant

Encryption addresses PCI requirements, reduces risk, and lowers costs.

TC Safe® is validated as compliant with the Payment Card Industry Point-to-Point Encryption Standard (PCI P2PE). The PCI P2PE provides rigorous technical and operational requirements and guidelines for all entities that provide VP2PE solutions. TC Safe® simplifies PCI compliance requirements allowing for a significantly shorter PCI DSS evaluation and overall compliance effort.

View TC Safe® on the PCI SSC P2PE Solutions listing here:

How It Works

To ensure customer confidence and trust, merchants can employ VP2PE solutions.

TC Safe® safeguards credit and debit card payments by encrypting all data within a device certified under the PCI PIN Transaction Security (PTS) program for Secure Reading Exchange of Data (SRED).

No clear-text cardholder data is accessible in the device, in transit, or within a merchant’s system. Encrypting at the point of interaction makes sensitive information undecipherable and useless to hackers. By eliminating clear text cardholder data from a merchant’s environment and combining the solution with TC IPA®, TC Safe® can diminish PCI DSS scope and keep cardholder data, even in its encrypted state, from ever entering other systems and networks.

Choose From A Variety Of Supported Devices

We partner with leading device manufacturers to meet your unique needs.

As part of the validation requirements, TC Safe® uses only PCI PTS SRED certified hardware. EMV and P2PE technologies complement each other and many of the P2PE devices also support EMV, including Quick Chip.

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