TC Citadel® Delivers Full-Service Token Management

Process recurring and subscription payments with confidence and ease. Create tokens, store safely, update automatically and remove when no longer needed.

TC Citadel®  is a complete and secure recurring/subscription billing solution that is ideal for companies that do not want the cost, responsibility, or liability associated with storing critical financial customer information in their online databases or networks.

Merchants exchange credit card numbers, ACH information, or other customer privacy data elements for TrustCommerce-issued tokens. TC Citadel securely stores cardholder payment information and privacy data within TrustCommerce’s PCI-compliant data storage service. Bottom line: TrustCommerce encrypts, secures and warehouses the data. It doesn’t get much easier, or more convenient, than this solution.

Customer information can change regularly. Therefore, managing tokens is essential in order to receive payment on time and ensure customer satisfaction. These services help keep card data current and reduce security risk:

  • TC CardCurrent® keeps tokens up to date.
  • TC Unstore™ removes in bulk tokens that are no longer needed.

Cost Effective And Easy To Use

TC Citadel facilitates automated recurring billing.

The recurring billing module offers comprehensive unlimited reporting capabilities. Merchants can view various reports of active and inactive tokens showing current recurring billing scheme(s), past and future transactions, status of customers who are behind on payments due to declined billing, and more via an online interface.

Includes: Subscription Reports, Expired Card Notification, Card Verification, Deferred Payment Options, and Batch Processing Support

Business Benefits

  • Eliminates worry about when to bill a particular customer
  • Is automatic, accurate and extremely flexible
  • Allows customization to match any billing cycle
  • Highly secure because the merchant does not store customer’s private data

Security Features

  • Swappable encryption technolog
  • PCI compliant card storage depository
  • Raw data never written to disk
  • Encrypted end-to-end
  • TC Unstore removes in bulk tokens that are no longer needed, reducing risk

Keep Stored Account Information Current

TC CardCurrent® is an account updating solution.

TC CardCurrent® is an Account Updating product that helps merchants keep accurate customer payment card data on file when accepting repeat, recurring, and installment payments.

For merchants who tokenize their clients’ card information for future transactions, this should result in fewer declines when customers’ card information changes due to theft, loss, or expiration. Learn More >

  • Keeps customer data current when processing recurring transactions
  • Helps merchants keep accurate customer payment card data on file when accepting repeat, recurring and installment payments
  • Increases customer convenience by eliminating the need for a customer to contact merchants regarding failed transactions

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