How Do You Keep Stored Account Information Up-To-Date? Meet TC CardCurrent®

Keep customer card data current when processing recurring transactions.

Included with the TC Citadel Tokenization Management Solution, TC CardCurrent® is an account updating product that helps merchants keep accurate customer payment card data on file when accepting repeat, recurring and installment payments.

For merchants who tokenize their clients’ card information for future transactions, whether it be repeat business, recurring or installment payments, this should result in fewer declines when customers’ card information changes due to theft, loss, or expiration.

Convenient Account Updating

Easy to set up, easy to use.

Contacting customers whose credit cards have expired or declined can be time-consuming. Often, it results in lost business because a customer will close their account or consider alternatives. At a minimum, it can cause a payment delay.

TC CardCurrent solves these challenges by:

  • Updating payment card information automatically, without the need to contact customers
  • Increases customer convenience by eliminating the need for a customer to contact merchants regarding failed transactions due to outdated information.

Regardless of when the billing cycle takes place, card numbers and expiration dates will be current. This enables charges to go through seamlessly even after a card has expired or is lost or stolen. Up-to-date billing information will be provided monthly.

Updating card-on-file account data for:

  • Account Number Updates
  • Account Closing
  • Account Expiration Date Updates
  • Invalid Card Types

TC Citadel® For Recurring Billing Cycles

TC CardCurrent® is included with TC Citadel.

TC Citadel provides merchants the ability to safely and securely process payments without the need to store cardholder payment information. Merchants exchange payment card information for TrustCommerce issued Billing IDs. Billing IDs are tokens that are not based on the Primary Account Number (PAN) data, cannot be reversed engineered and can be stored in plain text. Learn More >

TC Citadel accommodates these payment types:

  • Recurring: Automated charges at regular intervals.
  • Installment: Automated installments, charged at regular intervals, for some period or against some balance.
  • Deferred: Automated charge at some date in the future.
  • Repeat Business: Store cardholder data for those regular clients who do business with you.

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