With comprehensive, customizable reporting, your job just got a lot simpler.

Great reporting functionality can make everyday tasks easier. That’s why we’ve designed our reporting tools with the user in mind. Take a tour and you’ll learn how it can work for you.

Reconcile, research, and obtain summary or detail reports pertaining to payment transactions on both a real-time and historical basis. Run reports in aggregate or reconcile to each specific merchant account by card type and then match to your deposit. The TrustCommerce reporting interface provides straightforward inquiry user searches, summary and detailed reporting for real-time and past transaction activity. Our reporting tools include your merchant specific custom fields allowing you to match your key information in your settlements. There are many ways to receive and view reports.

Benefits include:

  • Drill down into your data
  • Customize reports for any need
  • Daily activity files systematically generate for trending and metrics
  • Decline reports indicate change in expired card, cancelled card or limit exceeded
  • Consolidated view for multiple channel

Reconciliation is Made Easier with Comprehensive, Customizable Reporting

With Dynamic Reporting, you can create custom reports and have them run automatically. They can be emailed or run on demand. We also offer an API Query tool to pull reports automatically.

Customize reports in a variety of ways:

  • Label report names and include brief descriptions
  • Select the report type (Transactions or Billing IDs), delivery format (CSV, XLS, XML), and delivery method
  • Specify which data fields populate the report, in what order the data appears, for easy import into accounting and other systems
  • Choose frequency and schedule
  • View reports online, download in a variety of formats or have them e-mailed to you.

Instantly access transaction detail and batch settlement reporting information through the TC Vault® virtual terminal. Merchants can view transaction detail reports by card type, payment type, operator information, and custom fields. TC On-Demand Reporting Services also provides daily, weekly, and monthly batch settlement summary information. Reports are viewable online, printed, or downloaded in Comma Separated Values (CSV) and Extensible Markup Language (XML) formats.

TrustCommerce has predefined reports containing all of the transaction, payment, user, and location information, including:

  • Summary Reports reveal top-level “roll-up” information, including transaction counts and dollar totals.
  • Chain Reports let you view the top of each chain, which is a series of transactions that are linked to one another, and drill down into each chain detail.
  • Detail Reports provide information about each individual transaction that makes up a single chain and supports drilling down into Transaction Detail.
  • Transaction Detail Reports provide all of the specifics about a single transaction.
  • Bank Settlement Reports list all of the payment batches that have been processed and include a drill-down capability to the transaction detail level.

The TrustCommerce Query API provides real-time query functionality for transaction activity, both recent and past. Query results include sanitized PCI secure data, provided in widely used formats.

What Makes Our Reporting Different?

Rich Customization Options
Multiple Channels, Single View
Simple To Use

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