Offload Your Payments, EMV,
and Compliance Woes To TrustCommerce

Be One Step Ahead Of Compliance

TC IPA® reduces barriers to EMV and diminishes PCI DSS scope.

Graphic of a payment processing machine and a cell phone processing a digital payment
TC IPA® Integrated Payment Application is a payments solution that redefines the way businesses manage their payments infrastructure. TC IPA® lets you centralize payments, compliance, validated Point to Point Encryption and EMV requirements to a single application that specializes in processing credit cards and ACH securely. Gain control and peace of mind.

TC IPA® supports a variety of devices, including NFC support, MICR reader and more.

Experience Payments Evolved

Utilizing the TrustCommerce® platform's proven encryption and tokenization technology, TC IPA joins payment processing with simplified ongoing compliance.

De-scope your environment

Ease the cost and complexity of PCI audits and EMV certification, while reducing risk, liability and exposure to credit card theft.

Protect payment data

TC IPA®, Integrated Payment Application, allows payments to be securely collected and aggregated through a single consolidated, integrated, and resilient application.

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What Sets TC IPA® apart?

TC IPA® offers these benefits and many others:
  • The ability to collect all major payment types, across multiple channels and locations
  • The application controls all aspects of the card transaction de-scoping other applications
  • Reduces PCI DSS requirements, time and costs
  • Keeps PAN data out of merchant systems, de-scoping those systems, further reducing client’s risk, liability and exposure
  • Centralized reporting and control

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