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We offer TC Link® API for the most popular web development platforms, including PHP, Perl and many others.

Our success is founded on our commitment to the developer community. Developers love the flexibility of our TC Link® API, the multiple languages we support, and the simplicity of integrating with TrustCommerce. By taking advantage of our easy-to-use APIs, developers and merchants can process to numerous major US-based processing platforms and send funds to nearly all US-based merchant banks.

Developers can access technical guides, SDKs and sample code, all from within the TC Vault® Free Trial sand box. With our established community you can readily find the resources and code you need.  Get started today!

How Easy Is It?

TrustCommerce Takes The Complexity Out Of Integrating Payments.

Enabling payment acceptance from your application with TrustCommerce couldn’t be easier. TrustCommerce secure payment processing API, TC Link®, enables straightforward implementation.

  • Supports all major payment types including: credit cards, debit cards, PIN-less debit, ACH/electronic check payments, purchase card (Level II and Level III) processing, and more
  • Supports online, mail order/telephone order, point of sale (POS), and/or mobile payments
  • Process one time or recurring payments
  • Access comprehensive payment reporting for easier reconciliation
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Explore Technical Resources

From training videos to user guides, we offer a variety of technical resources.

You may access our APIs and SDKs and other resources in the TC Vault from the homepage. If you do not already have a login Cust ID and password, please complete the form below to request one.

Available in 20+ Programming Languages/Platforms

  • Any Java (class)
  • Any EJB (Enterprise Java Bean)
  • Any Perl
  • UNIX Python
  • UNIX Ruby
  • UNIX C Library
  • Linux Cold Fusion
  • Win32 COM/OCX/ActiveX
  • Win32 Cold Fusion
  • Win32 ASP Script

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