Process transactions from your device using TC Vault® Virtual Terminal.

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TC Vault® Virtual Terminal is used for processing one-time, recurring, or installment payments for credit, debit, and ACH transactions. Many merchants use this as their cashiering software for accepting electronic payments.

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • ACH/E-check
  • Encrypted POS devices
  • Supports Level II & III data
  • Recurring Billing

Do Business Your Way With TC Vault

TC Vault also offers these flexible tools and more.

Batch Upload

The Batch Upload function lets you submit a large number of transactions in a single file for settlement. Create and submit batch files by transaction type with ease.


Create and download a variety of reports via the TC Vault Virtual Terminal or build a custom report and save for future use.


Custom Fields

The ability to collect and report on data that is meaningful to your organization can help your business operate more efficiently. Use Custom Fields to capture and track data that is specific to their business. You can report on custom field data, too.


User Management

TC Vault User Administration lets Controllers create, edit, and manage user accounts. Set access level permissions for Transaction Processing, Batch, and Reporting.

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