TrustCommerce® Integrates with Veradigm® Practice Management

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TrustCommerce Now Integrates with Veradigm® Practice Management to Improve Patient Payment Efficiency for Provider’s Staff

As we all look ahead to the new year, many of us anticipate what we might choose as a new year’s resolution. According to How Stuff Works, the vast majority of New Year’s resolutions are about becoming healthier, either through diet, exercise, or both. For those in healthcare, health-related resolutions may sound like a great way for patients to start new, positive health habits. However, one health habit some providers may neglect centers around the financial experience of their practice.

Assisting providers with financial challenges in healthcare and improving their financial health by delivering a simplified, tech-driven payment experience for patients that actually boosts practice revenue, is our central mission at TrustCommerce. That’s why we are proud to announce that TrustCommerce now integrates directly with Veradigm® Practice Management (VPM) (formerly Allscripts® Practice Management) to provide enhanced payment support, security, accuracy, and convenience—just in time to begin the new year.

Better integration for staff

Many organizations have faced the effects of the staffing crisis in the U.S., but none so acutely as the healthcare industry. Anything that can increase the productivity of existing staff is a huge win in today’s hiring environment. Together, Veradigm® and TrustCommerce work to boost staff efficiency with features such as automatic payment posting to reduce check-in times and back-office tasks like collection phone calls. Best of all, your staff is likely already using VPM for the many of their other daily tasks, so there is minimal disruption to your existing workflows and processes.

Better integration for patients

TrustCommerce delivers industry-leading security and compliance. Our platform uses only encrypted devices, so your patients’ sensitive payment information is never exposed to hackers or data thieves. This latest integration of TrustCommerce with VPM eliminates the need for staff to jump between applications to make a payment, enabling a secure payment processing experience that is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Veradigm® PM users can now enjoy the enhanced functionality previously only available through their patient portal, Veradigm® FollowMyHealth.  Read more about the TrustCommerce integration with VPM in our recent press release.

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