3 Ways Your Healthcare SaaS Payment Experience Can Exceed User Expectations

Woman holding a credit card in one hand and a cell phone in the other to make a payment

As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) or Software as a Service (SaaS) company in the healthcare space, you are familiar with the healthcare SaaS trends. You’ve seen the evolution over the years from sluggish paper billing to lightning-fast digital solutions. As technology-based solutions are embraced on a global scale, the expectations of both patients and staff have dramatically changed. The modern healthcare consumer and employee alike are not likely to tolerate sluggish billing cycles and tedious back-office tasks that are overly vulnerable to human error.  Your users want convenient and secure healthcare payment methods—and as a healthcare SaaS company, by not providing them, you could be driving them away.

With TrustCommerce, you can seamlessly incorporate the payment platform features that users are looking for into your Software as a Service model:

Convenient, retail-like SaaS payment options

Let’s face it—our increasingly digital culture has created the need for simple, secure, and speedy patient payment options. The TrustCommerce full-service SaaS payment platform enables users with new payment freedom.

Seamless client onboarding and underwriting

 People naturally fear change—but with TrustCommerce’s painless client onboarding process, change is easier.  Our web-based onboarding process allows your clients to easily set up merchant accounts so they can begin enjoying the benefits of simple and secure patient payment options right away. Our automated, self-service application is easy to fill out, reduces abandonment, prepopulates known information, and defaults common data, which makes for a more positive user experience.

Insanely user friendly

 TrustCommerce’s patient payment solutions are low-code, easy to implement and maintain. Best of all, with TrustCommerce, you can bundle multiple solutions, such as payment gateway and merchant processing, to save money while reducing the hassle of juggling too many vendors.

With so much pressure facing the healthcare industry (including the current staff shortages), why not reduce the burden on your staff while delivering the modern patient payment experience your customers crave? Download our free guide or contact a TrustCommerce sales representative to find out more.

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